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" My hat is off to MyContactForm. I am a custom pool cue maker, and manage my website personally. The simple form on my site was accomplished in a matter of minutes and it works perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased! "

Charles Thomas

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Complete Features and Benefits strives to provide our users with the most complete and innovative features of any online form creation and processing service. Since 2004, we have constantly expanded the features we provide, based both on our extensive experience and feedback from our enormous user base. Below, you will find a basic overview of the advanced features has to offer:

Easy to Use Form Creation Wizard

Our software does the work for you! Just login, start the wizard, and it walks you through the entire process!

No Special Server Requirements

Our forms will work on any web site setup. Our high-end, secure, dedicated server with multiple redundant connections ensures your forms are processed quickly, accurately, and without the need for special software or server requirements.

Completely Customizable Fields

Our forms support all standard field types, including text boxes, drop downs, radio buttons, check boxes, and file attachment fields. In addition, we have created custom fields, such as date selection calendars, name fields, states, countries, and more! If you can dream it, can create it.

Customizable Looks to Fit Your Site

Colors, fonts, borders, sizes, and error pages are all customizable to fit the existing look of your site.

No Limits & Generous Submission Quotas

There are no limits to the number of forms you can create, questions you can place on forms, or the number of web sites on which you can use the forms. In addition, we offer generous monthly submission quotas for our users, which vary based on your membership status.

It's Free

Standard user accounts are free. Users also have the option to pay to become a Premium Member, which unlocks many great features and increases your quotas.

Online Help is Easy
Security & Anti-Spam Features is an innovator in preventing SPAM and other unwanted email from getting to you. Not only does our system protect your email address from being accessible to visitors of your web site, but we also:

Field Validation is Built in and Easy!

Our system allows you to create fields that are 'required'. In addition, every email address entered into your forms is run through a serious of validation tests. In addition, we have created a system of special field validation* that allows you to validate against numerous parameters, including word counts, numeric ranges, valid URLs, valid e-mail addresses, and more!

Premade Templates

Start from scratch or use one of our pre-made question templates to get your form built at lightning fast speeds.

Customized Auto Responders

Use our custom auto responders to automatically send emails back to the submitters of your forms.

Online Message Center * (Preview)

Keep track of messages sent from your web forms online! The Message Center allows you to read and respond to the previous 24 months of form submissions from an easy-to-use online interface. You can also download your messages in Excel, comma separated (CSV), tab delimited, Word document, PDF, text, HTML, and mySQL database formats. Additionally we have developed an innovative system that allows you to build table-based reports from your form data and then create custom charts and graphs based on that data.

Online Contact Management System * (Preview)

Keep track of your site's contacts online with our built-in contact management system. You can download your contacts in vCard, text, and HTML formats.

File Attachments *

Easily place fields on your form that allow your web audience to upload and send separate file attachments to you via your form.

Hosted Forms *

If you don't want to host the form on your web site, you have the option of having your form hosted completely on our server.

Send Your Forms in PDF Format *

Our Form to PDF setting allows you to receive your form results in PDF format attached to an e-mail.

Recipient Flexibility

We have created a flexible system that provides many different options for choosing who the form submittal e-mail will go to. You can:

* Features Available to Premium Members only.

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