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" myContacForm is perfect for our business. It is a serious business tool, and worth every penny of the premium membership many times over. We put our money where our mouth is, compared it with the competition, and renewed for another year with myContactForm. Miles ahead. "

Kevin, Owner, Moonshine Framing

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Messages Sent from AOL and Yahoo! E-mail Addresses

Recently AOL and Yahoo! have implemented highly restrictive anti-SPAM measures that in many cases cause forms in which an AOL or Yahoo! e-mail address is entered to not be delivered. As a response, has needed to implement new policies to ensure that any affected messages are still delivered to our users. Until AOL and Yahoo! role back their policies, you will notice that all forms in which an AOL or Yahoo! email address was entered are now sent from Clicking 'Reply' in your e-mail client will still send the response to the appropriate e-mail address.

The changes that AOL and Yahoo! have made are negatively affecting the majority of their users. It is our hope that they will roll back their policy in the near future. We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as needed to ensure users are impacted as little as possible.

For more information on the broad changes Yahoo! and AOL have made, please read the following press articles: