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" Your program is perfect. The form creator my server company provided was overly complicated and simplistic. Most of the other programs on the internet were the same or just too expensive. After I found your program, I stopped looking. It does exactly what I need for all different types of applications. I will probably end up buying a membership it is so good. "


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Pricing Information

It is absolutely free to join and use our services. However, in order to offer our users a more indepth level of service, we have created a very affordable paid-subscription upgrade. The upgrade only costs $54.99 per year with discounts given for multiple years purchased. This equates to only $4.58 per month. Upgrading your account unlocks many wonderful features and dramatically increases your submission quotas. Our closest competitors charge over 3 times this price for a lesser service!

Below we have outlined the differences between our two types of memberships. For a more complete list of features please click here.

Standard (FREE) Premium
Cost ?The owners of keep our costs to a minimum and pass on the savings to our users. We have a free service that offers all the basic features and a paid Premium Membership that gives you tons of extras and bonuses. All payments are processed securely through Paypal. Free $54.99 / year
Form Submission Limits ?In order to prevent abuse of our service and create the best experience for all of our users, we have implemented a submission quota. This quota is simply the number submissions you can have from your forms each month. Quotas are reset on the first day of the month and extra submissions from previous months DO NOT role over to the new month. 20 / month 10000 / month *
Advertisements ?When a form is submitted from a Standard User's form, a small, PG rated, advertisement will be shown. Premium Member forms will not trigger any sort of advertisement. Advertisement Upon Submission None
Link back to ?This is a small link back to that will be placed automatically on your forms if you are not a Premium Member. Required Not Required
Number of e-mail addresses a form submission can be simultaneously sent to ?Everytime one of your forms is submitted, it is sent to the e-mail address of your choice. If you are a Premium Member, you can choose up to 25 e-mails that your forms will be submitted to simultaneously with each submission. 1 25
Ability of form sender to select who the message will be sent to ?Typically when you build a form, the e-mail message will be sent to an address that you identify while building the form. If you are a Premium Member you can place a dropdown, radio button, or series of check boxes on your form that the user can use to select who the form submission will to go. No Yes
Number of forms you can create ?Both Standard and Premium Users can create an unlimited number of forms using Unlimited Unlimited
Number of questions you can place on your forms ?Both Standard and Premium Users have no limit to the number of questions they can place on their forms. Unlimited Unlimited
Change User Information ?While Standard Users are allowed to add as many e-mail addresses to their account as they wish, they cannot delete them. Premium Members are allowed to add and remove e-mail addresses from their accounts, as well as alter their original user information. No Yes
Access to 'Message Center' ?When users submit your forms, the message will be sent to the e-mail address your specify. If you are a Premium Member, you can also check your form submittals online using our Message Center. The Message Center allows you to read, reply to, and export in several formats, the messages submitted from your forms. Preview No Yes
Access to 'Contact Manager' ?Premium Members are allowed access to our Contact Manager that allows you to keep track of your contacts from our easy to use online interface. Preview No Yes
Visual Verification (CAPTCHA) ?Premium Members are allowed access to our Visual Verification (CAPTCHA) system. This system greatly reduces the amount of spam submissions from your forms by making the form submitter enter a verification code into your form prior to it being processed. This prevents automated bots from submitting your forms. Sample No Yes
Export your form submitted data in a variety of formats. ?Premium Members able to export the previous 24 months of form submission data in Excel, Tab Delimited, Comma Delimited, Text, Word Document, mySQL database, PDF, and HTML formats. This is done via the Message Center portion of the control panel. No Yes
Generate reports from your form submissions. ?Premium Members able to use our innovative reporting system that allows you to generate table based reports of your form data as well as charts and graphs of the data. Preview No Yes
File Attachments ?Premium Members can place special file attachment fields on their forms that users can use to submit files via e-mail attachments to you. Sample No Yes, 5000kb limit per attachment
Special Field Validation ?Premium Members can add a layer of special field validation to individual questions on their forms. These type of validation include numeric ranges, number of words, number of characters, e-mail address validation, URL validation, date validation, phone number validation, alphanumeric character validation, and specific phrase validation. No Yes
Completely Hosted Form ?Don't feel like copying the HTML for your form to your web site? If you are a Premium Member, we'll provide you with a live address on our server that contains a fully functional version of your form. No Yes

* For users requiring more than 10000 submission in a given month, you may have your submission quota reset for only $20.

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