2019 Ancient Athletics Registration Form

CLOSED 2019 Arkansas Scottish Festival, April 12-13, 24.00 Fee
CLOSED 2019 Springfield Area Highland Games May 19th 30.00 Fee
2019 Saline Highland Games July 13, 25.00 Fee
2019 Sweetcorn Highland Games July 20, 32.00 Fee
2019 Sparta Michigan "Battle of the Clans" Aug. 10th, No Fee
2019 Strongman of the Glen, Aug. 17th, ISF No Fee
2019 Peoria Erin Feis, Aug. 24-25, Peoria Ill. No Fee
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A Class
B Class
C Class
Novice Class
Masters 40-49 Class
Masters 50+ Class
Ladies Class
200 Class
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