A2V Need Deliverance Ministry

Need Healing in Body
Demonic Attack
Kundalini Issues
Mental Issues (depression, bipolar, other)
Feel Stuck and blocked in my life, in finances
Rejection (I don't fit in)
I feel abandoned by God
Generational Curses
My generations involved in Freemasonry
Fear and Anxiety due to truam
Feel hurt from others and feel tormented
I have bitterness towards others
I self abuse
Oppression and Heaviness
Was involved in the occult, new age, and attacked
I was involved sexually and tormented or have guilt
I have uncontrollable sexual appitite
I've been molested and/or raped and feel unclean
Growing up I could meet my mom's expectations
Growing up I could not meet my mom's expectations
Growing up I could meet my dad's expectations
Growing up I could not meet my dad's expectations
I had an overly strict parent(s)
I had an overly critical parent(s)
I have a hard time forgiving myself for my past mistakes
I grew up walking on eggs around my parent(s)
I grew up in an alcoholic home
I grew up in a drug environment
My mom did not nurture me
My dad was not involved in my life
My parents did not discipline me
My parents did not establish a routine in my life
I felt controlled and put down 50% of the time
I was not planned
I felt like I was a mistake being born
I mom was storng and manipulative with guilt
My dad was strong and manipulative with guilt
I never felt good enough
I was sexually abused in the home
I was sexually abused outside the home
I was verbally and/or physically abused by my dad
I was verbally and/or physically abused by my mom
I feel insecure 50% of the time
I feel worthless 50% of the time
I battle with depression 50% of the time
I have a broken heart
II am performance oriented to feel good about myself to get praise
My parents were not married when I was conceived
My husband/wife manipulated me
My husband/wife physically abused me
My husband/wife emotionally abused me
My husband/wife verbally abused me
I lost a child after birth
I lost a child miscarriage
My husband/wife refuses to work
Moved many times in our marriage because of finances
We loved homeless or lived with family to make ends meet
My husband/wife drinks
My husband/wife does street drugs and legal drugs (addiction)
I ended up divorcing
I'm stuck in the relationship
My husband rapped me
I've lost jobs because of the abuse at home
I have a good marriage
I lived with a man who abused me
None apply to me
I don't fit in
I feel insecure
I feel accusation by others
I feel that God has rejected me
I have self-pity
I false burden bearning
Hard for me to make decisions
I suppress my feelings
I have a broken heart from my family
I have a broken heart from my husband/wife
Fear of intimacy
Need for love, Approve and Acceptance fro others
Need for identity
I feel despair 50% of the time
I take on false responsiblity
I murmure and complain a lot
Something must be wrong with me
I don't feel like I belong anywhere
I try to meet other people's expectations and feel guilt when others are made or disappoined in me
I'm bombarded with negative thoughts that I cannot control
I am performance oriented to feel good about myself or to get praise from others or at work
I have fear of rejection
I feel like everyone is against me
It matters what people think of me
I get jealous of others
I overthink
Self-comparing myself to others
Self-critical voice
Self-curse myself when things go wrong
Self-doubt myself
Projecting things to go bad in the future
I get paranoid that people are talkinga bout me
I have a hard time trusting God - I don't think he is for me or loves me
I get anxious around relationships
I have a hard time saying no when I know I need too - fear of rejection
Excessive worrier
I am highly competitive and cannot lose
I pick fights with people to reject me
I reject others before they reject me
I'm self-centered
Love power and position
I control others so that I don't get hurt
I feel like I've been overlooked
I feel I am stupid
I feel like no one cares about me
I suffer from oppression and heaviness
I am not loved
I feel like I have no value to anyone or God
None apply to me
I feel resentful of that person
I feel hurt and want to get even
I intentionally turn away to ignore and avoid him or her
When someone mentiones his or her name it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth
Just thinking about him or her makes me sick to my stokmach
When I think of the person I feel offended
I resent his or her success hearing any good report about him or her
I secretly desire misfortune or failure or worse to come to his or her life
I don't believe I have to forgive them
I know I need to forgive them
I am having a hard time forgiving him or her
I feel separated from God when I pray
I conemn people
I am judgmental and accusatory
I gossip to others about what they did to me
I keep a record of wrong
I feel misunderstood
I feel tormented and cannot stop replaying what this person did to me
I refuse to forgive him or her or them
None of the above apply to me
Witchcraft in my family (control of forces, sacrifices, curses, spells, potions, drugs)
False Oaths (Masonic Lodge, Rainbow Girls, Sorority Oaths, Membershp Oaths)
Divination: (false prophecy, fortune telling, tarot cards, astrology, numerology, tealeaf reading, channeling, charms, mediums, passive mind meditation, praying to the dead, consulting the dead, black or whit magic, yoga, chakra cleansing, gone to psychic)
Idolatry: (worshiping idols, saints, angels, other gods, money - anything that takes the place of God)
False religions you or family: (Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Wicca, Scientology, Mormonism, The Way International, Rosicrusianism, Unification Church, Buhaism, Jahova Witness, etc.)
False religious practices (Satan worship, Halloween, Pentigrams, any type of worship besides God)
Manipulation, Control, Domination, Intimidation of others
Manipulation, Control, Domination, by others)
Rebellion, Disobedient to God, Rebellion to Others or God
Fear (not trusting God and dusing other source for healing or power or other religions)
Drunkeness (Illegal drugs, alochol, recreational drugs)
Gluttony (food addictions, sweets or carbohyddrates, etc.)
Sexual Sins you or in your generations (adultery, fornication, bestiality, fondling, rape, incest, fantacy lust, exhibitiionism, illegitimacy, molestation, molested a child, prostitution, seduction, sensualist, transvestites, uncontrollable sexual desires, perversion, same sex with others or desire to)
Co-Dependency (calling evil good in the name of love - ruler over non-drinking family members)
Deception (with denial, aversion and dishonesty strongman which produces spirit of denial)
Spirits of slumber and error
Deaf and dumb spirit (accident prone, accidents by burning, accidents by drowning, blindness, convulsions, crying, deafness, destruction, dumbness, ear problems, emotionlessness, epilepsy, eye disease, fear of fire, fear of water, foaming at the mouth, gnashing of teeth or grinding of teeth, infections (chronic), inner ear problems, insanity, lunatic behavior, madness, stupor)
Mind control (T.M. Mantras, Mind Dynamics, Sylva Mind Control, Biofeedback)
Spirit of Haughtiness (arrogant, boastful, contentious, controlling, critical, dictorial, domineering, egotistical, proud, judgmental, prejudice, mockery, rudeness, self-rightiousness, superiority, vanity, frustration, holier-than-thou, rationalism, rejection of God, self-deception, self-delusion, self-imortance, selfishness, smug attitude, sofphistacation, stiff-necked, subborness, superiority)
Spirit of insanity
Humanism (EST, Forum, Actualization and Lifespring)
Superstition: (good luck charms, religious symbols)
Spirit of Perverseness: (false teachers & doctrines, homosexuality, multi-partner orgies, twisted thinking (twists the word), pologyam, sadomasochism, sexual deviation, fantasy lust, filthy mind, follishness, lesbianism, lovers of self, pedophilia, etc.)
Spirit of the Antichrist: (acting againt, blasphemes the Holy Spirit and Gifts, opposes the bible, condemnation of the Word, rationalizes the Word or actions, opposes Christ's diety & humanity and testimony, blood shed, harasses & persecutes the saints, suppresses ministers/ministries, causes church splits, gives up on Christianity, Judiasm, self-exalting)
Spirit of Stuper
Done Inner Healing calling Jesus into their memories, or soaking prayer of passivity)
Done new age medicine for divine healing
None of the above I've done or my family done
I feel like I'm being attacked
I am bothered by demons sexually in my sleep
I feel oppressed and heavy
I see orbs of light around me
I feel sensations on my body
I have tormenting thought
I hear voices telling me to do bad things
I feel things moving up and down my spine
Inability to sleep
Certain types of pain that is unexplainable
Falling asleep in church
Falling asleep while reading the bible
Disobedient to God's Word
Losing Interest in attending church
Inability to develop a prayer relationshi with God
Deep confusion
Hatred of God or Distrust in God
I see demons
Other unexplanable things
None pertains to me

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