Trusted Supplier Application

Yes, I have submitted GOB & POD's immediately and scanned and emailed hard copies within 24 hours
I understand that if I enter an ETA of 45 minutes or less, i could be auto allocated
I agree to complete the job for my agreed percentage - there is no negotiation on my payment for auto allocated jobs
I agree to upload paper/photo POD's to the hub
I agree to enter GOB and POD details onto the hub as it happens
I will provide CE with information regarding jobs asap e.g. waiting time or no response at collection or delivery immediately
I will advise CE with changes to ETA etc asap
I will remove my availability - BEFORE ALLOCATION - from a job (to prevent auto allocation) if I am no longer free to complete it for any reason
I understand my Trusted Supplier status could be withdrawn for poor delivery performance, poor customer service or failure to enter and send GOB & POD info, pulling out of a job or non compliance with any of the criteria set out above
I agree to submit a separate review within 24 hours.
After the 1st of November 2020 (Please complete the questions below)
Before 1st November 2020 (You don't qualify for the starter pack - please leave the following questions blank)

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