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Nick Ladd - responding to your response...i

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 7:49 am    Post subject: Nick Ladd - responding to your response...i Reply with quote

Hi Nick,

Thank for responding to my post. I tried to find my original post however it was gone, so I need to re-post this. I was the one having the issue with the mycontantform centering all the fields in the form.

As suggested, I followed the instructions below that you mention, however in doing this, while it corrected the issue with the centering all the form areas, it made the area above my form to default to the left.

The problem is that I want the top area above the FORM to stay centered and only the form fields to display to the left.

At one point I was able to get the form to go to the left but it veared too very to the left, so much so that it was right up against where the peach background EDGE was on the left and looked bad.

So I guess there's my problem. HELP!

The problem is that the tablecell in which you've pasted the code is
aligned for
center. If you wanna change this, you need to find the code that states:

<td width="100%" align="center" valign="top">
<img src="/spa_resorts_hotels.jpg" border="0"><br/><br/>

Simply change align="center" to align="left"


Nick Ladd


> I am having problems with the form not displaying correctly on my
> site. After hours at this, instead of having it aligning to the left,
> it keeps centering everything in the form.
> Can you run it through one of your programs (this page's source code)
> to see what the problem is? I do not see anything visibly making this
> happen but it looks bad displaying this way. If you can please let me
> know as soon as possible as to what you find the problem to be, it
> would be most appreciated. Thanks!!
> The webpage in which your form resides is the following:
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 7:33 am    Post subject: Reply Reply with quote

If you want the form to be centered differently than the content above the form, you will need to paste your form's code into a different table row than the content above (this is good practice anyways). You can then align each table row in whatever manner you wish.


Nick Ladd
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